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Breaking the caste
mini mart city park

BREAKING THE CASTE is an evening of collected stories of the Mexican-American experience presented through art. The event includes visual arts, film, music, dance, and ceremony that powerfully weave together collected experiences within contemporary Mexican-American culture. As Mexican people, our histories are painfully entwined with both our Indigenous ancestors and our Spanish colonizers. So much of our Indigenous history was stripped from us through centuries of cultural erasure and genocide. What we have been able to hold onto has been strategically hidden within Catholic images and appropriated spiritual practices. Assimilation was the way we survived extinction, but defiance and resilience was threaded in the ways we stealthily passed our cultural practices through the colonial lens. BREAKING THE CASTE bravely claims the pain and power of this complex history with each artist documenting their experience within American culture. Featured artists include El Sueño, Tlalokan, Maribel Galvan, Marco Piceno, Devin Muñoz, Monique Berber, and Mauro Murillo.

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