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A multi-disciplinary evening of collected stories of the Mexican-American experience. MESTIZO is a Mexican term for a “mixed” person. It was a term used to devalue people whose ancestry includes Indigenous bloodlines. As Mexican people, our histories are painfully entwined with both our Indigenous ancestors and our Spanish colonizers. So much of our Indigenous history was stripped from us through centuries of cultural erasure and genocide. Assimilation was the way we survived extinction, but defiance and resilience was threaded in the ways we stealthily passed our cultural practices through the colonial lens. MESTIZO bravely reclaims our Indigenous heritage and reframes Mexican history as one that is rich with an abundance of ancestral knowledge, resilience and imagination.


Una noche de programacion multidisciplinaria de historias recopiladas de la experiencia mexicano-estadounidense. MESTIZO es un término mexicano para una persona “mixta” o de mezcla genetica. Era un término utilizado para devaluar a las personas cuya ascendencia incluye linajes indígenas. Nuestras historias están dolorosamente entrelazadas tanto con nuestros ancestros indígenas como con nuestros colonizadores españoles. Gran parte de nuestra historia indígena nos fue arrebatada a través de siglos de borrado cultural y genocidio. La asimilación fue la forma en que sobrevivimos a la extinción, pero el desafío y la resiliencia estaban entrelazados en la forma en que sigilosamente pasamos nuestras prácticas culturales a través de la lente colonial. MESTIZO recupera valientemente nuestra herencia indígena y reformula la historia mexicana como una historia rica en conocimiento ancestral, resiliencia, e imaginación.


Mexican people have often been categorized as invaders, yet our history within the Americas extends far beyond the formation of the United States. It is essential now more than ever, that we tell our own stories. MESTIZO is a work that meets stereotype head-on and boldly highlights Indigeneity and our mixed heritage as a strength rather than a weakness. Now is the time for our stories and experiences to be revealed and for us to break down the labels that have been used as weapons against us for centuries.


Los mexicanos han sido categorizados como invasores, pero nuestra historia dentro de las Américas se extiende mucho más allá de la formación de Estados Unidos. Es esencial, ahora más que nunca, que contemos nuestras propias historias. MESTIZO es una obra que enfrenta estereotipos de frente y resalta audazmente la indigeneidad y nuestra herencia mixta como una fortaleza más que una debilidad. Ahora es el momento de que se revelen nuestras historias y experiencias y de que rompamos las etiquetas que se han utilizado como armas contra nosotros durante siglos.

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ALICIA MULLIKIN  is an Indigenous  Mexican American dance artist and founder of EL SUEÑO. Her work weaves ancient and contemporary identities into physical manifestations by drawing from her culture and deep-rooted ancestral ties. She was recently selected as a 2023 Arts
Advocacy Leadership Fellow by the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures.



MARIA MUÑOZ is a first generation Mexican-American Curandera, Spiritual and Intuitive guide, and IPHM Certified Sound healing practitioner in Seattle. She is guided between realms to bring healing and connection by continuing the work started by her ancestors and she
believes that humans are limitless. She trusts the unseen beyond time
and dimension.

Instagram: @marialightowl



Maribel was born in Los Angeles but has called the Northwest home for two decades.  Her Mexicana roots are reflected in her art and pieces are inspired by the strong mujeres in her life—sharing lessons passed down of empowerment, living unapologetically authentic, ancestral connection, and unconditional self-love.

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TESSA BAÑALES is a Mexican-American and Persian artist based in Seattle. Tessa works towards representing and empowering the communities around her, and brings their stories to the forefront. As a long-time collaborator and the Production Manager for EL SUEÑO, Tessa blends her knowledge of backstage and dance to lead the physical construction of some of EL SUEÑO’s most ambitious projects.
Instagram @td.banalescollabs


TLALÓKAN is a cultural group dedicated to sharing the beauty of Anáhuac history, philosophy and living Indigenous peoples through danza and music with traditional instruments. Their goal is to inspire deeper connections to our ancestral pasts, and our spirits in the present.

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MIA BERBER is a movement artist of Indigenous and Afro descent from
El Salvador and Mexico. She is currently based in East LA. She uses movement as a holistic practice to heal generational trauma and raises questions about how Black and Brown women are viewed in our society. Her work explores Hip-Hop and House movement within Theater dance.
Instagram @chingona09


DEVIN MUÑOZ is a Mexican-American dancer and film maker in Seattle. Her community-based approach to capturing movement has led her to

collaborate with many artists and businesses in the PNW, such as EL
SUEÑO, TomboyX, PRICEarts, KaisaFit and others to bring their vision to life. Devin aims to create purposeful archives for reflection and to inspire others to do the same. 

Instagram @munoz_motions

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MARCO A. PICENO was born in Tenochtitlan Mexico. He navigates art as a Motionographer/Animator and video editor. He practices traditional Indigenous medicine such as herbalism, therapeutic massage/cupping, Nahuatl chants, cleanses, Toltecayotl philosophy, and Aztec-Chichimeca danza- All to decolonize, discipline, empower his roots, and be more connected with Mother Earth. 

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MAURO MURILLO was born in Coahuila, Mexico and moved to San Antonio, TX in 1995. He is a DACA recipient and dreamer who uses art to speak to his unique experience. His mediums include acrylic, graphite, charcoal, aluminum, paper maché, papel picado, and others. His work embraces nostalgia as a way to evoke memory and spark appreciation for Mexican culture.

Instagram @mauromurillo_art

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